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Experimental Set

Circuit laboratory set is combination between M21-7000 series with Analog or Digital circuit board, consist of 6 analog circuit board and 7 digital circuit board that can be apply to 22 analog and 19 digital experiment. Useful in Education, University, College, School for learning the basic skill. make easy to test and research the analog and digital circuit.

  • DCL-7000

  • ACL-7000

Experimental Set Configuration Table (sort by characteristic)

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Product Type Description Dimensions(WxHxD) Weight Price (THB)
ACL-7000 ANALOG CIRCUIT LABORATORY M21-7000 + 6 Analog Circuit Board 258 x 95 x 334 mm 6.9kg -
DCL-7000 DIGITAL CIRCUIT LABORATORY M21-7000 + 7 Digital Circuit Board 258 x 95 x 334 mm 7.7kg -


Experimental Set...
Series: ACL-7000
Series: DCL-7000