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Multimeter & Datalogger

The digital multimeter is the quintessential bench tool. Use it to verify components, circuits, or other instruments by measuring almost any electrical property including voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, and more. Rigol’s DM3000 Series digital multimeters are designed for efficient and accurate bench testing with added features making it great for production line applications as well. Connect your DMM to an array of sensors or our datalogging software to get even more out of your benchtop instruments. Flexible, modular Data Acquisition system with high performance scanning 6.5 digit DMM 5 slot mainframes and modules for customized data acquisition solutions including temperature, resistance, current and voltage measurements

  • M300 System Series

  • DM3000 Series

Multimeter & Datalogger Configuration Table (sort by characteristic)

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Product Description Max. Reading Speed Memory Interface Included Module(s) Price (THB)
DM3068 6.5 digits 10,000 readings/s 512k readings USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB -
DM3058E 5.5 digits 123 readings/s 2000 readings USB, RS232 -
DM3058 5.5 digits 123 readings/s 2000 readings USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB -
M302 5 (DMM and MC3120 use one of these slots each) slots up to 100k USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB MC3065 DMM and MC3120 Module -
M301 5 (DMM uses one of these slots) slots Up to 100k USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB MC3065 DMM Module -
M300 5 slots USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB N/A -


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