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M300 System Series  |  Multimeter & Datalogger

Rigol's M300 Series data acquisition and switch system provides accurate, repeatable measurements with industry leading total system cost optimized for general purpose temperature, resistance, and voltage scanning with a breadth of modules to handle all of your DAQ system requirements. A single mainframe can scan and measure up to 128 fully differential measurements in one instrument. Automatically log data to a USB stick attached to the system or control up to 5 mainframes from a PC with a single instance of the Ultra Acquire software.

Product Details

M300 System Series


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Model Description Max. Reading Speed Memory Interface Included Module(s) Price (THB)
M302 5 (DMM and MC3120 use one of these slots each) slots up to 100k USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB MC3065 DMM and MC3120 Module -
M301 5 (DMM uses one of these slots) slots Up to 100k USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB MC3065 DMM Module -
M300 5 slots USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB N/A -