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DM3000 Series  |  Multimeter & Datalogger

The DM3000 Series DMMs give reliable, cost effective, full DMM capabilities measuring DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, Resistance (2 & 4 Wire), Capacitance, Diode Test, Frequency, and Temperature. These DMMs are designed for simple and efficient bench top use, but include software options for datalogging and remote programming from almost any interface. The DM3000 can fit any DMM application with speed, accuracy, reliability, and efficiency well beyond its price.


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DM3000 Series


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Model Description Max. Reading Speed Memory Interface Included Module(s) Price (THB)
DM3068 6.5 digits 10,000 readings/s 512k readings USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB -
DM3058E 5.5 digits 123 readings/s 2000 readings USB, RS232 -
DM3058 5.5 digits 123 readings/s 2000 readings USB, RS232, LAN, GPIB -